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Hey, hey, Malkia E Fanbase! Hope you have all had a great month and I want to say thank you for rocking with me. Today I will be covering a few ways for us to style our African print maxis.

Maxi dresses are a wardrobe staple for most of us during the spring and summer, but they can also be worn during the fall and winter as well. They are airy and stylish, and we can see Maxi dress outfits are starring both in morning appearances on the beach or around town, and on women outfits in official events.

Maxi dresses, as we all know, are not only one of the most comfortable, flattering, and forgiving items of clothing to wear, but they’re also surprisingly versatile too. They can be combined with African beaded sandals, hair-on leather sandals, platforms, ancient Greek sandals, espadrilles, heels ballet flats, sneakers, and modern sandals.

In addition, you can wear maxi dresses in a variety of settings. A maxi dress is perfectly suitable whether you’re going around running errands on the weekend, going out to a party at night, or even in some office settings. Having such a versatile option can make planning out your day's outfit a lot easier and save you money, in that you don’t have to buy new items for each type of event.

Finally, maxi dresses simply look great. They come in so many different fabrics and prints that you are sure to find several that look great on you. You can then rotate through your maxi dress options so that you’re not wearing the same one each time you want one. If you’re looking to be a bit of a trendsetter while remaining comfortable in the heat, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress.

What body type can wear a maxi dress?

Contrary to popular belief, the maxi dress isn't reserved only for those with tall and slender figures. Everyone, regardless of their weight or height, can look good in a maxi dress. To all my beautiful Malkia, each and everyone of you can rock an African print maxi and be a knockout wherever you wear it.

Here are a few ways we can style our maxis and stand out from the crowd.

With sneakers

Many people still think that such an outfit looks weird. It’s commonly believed that we should wear sports shoes only with sportswear. But the rules of fashion change. Nowadays a combination of a dress + sneakers has almost become classic. This look is perfect for those who don’t like high heels and are afraid to get tangled up in the long dress.

With a denim jacket/Blazer

If you’re going to go for an evening walk ( don’t ask why this is the first thing that came to mind, maybe it’s because I have planned to go for a walk the last two days and I haven’t, but I digress), to the movies, at work where the AC is always blasting or simply like me you are always cold, you can pair your African Maxi with a denim jacket or blazer. This outfit looks beautiful and very stylish.

With a belt

Our Maxis come with a detachable matching belt. If you wear a maxi dress with a belt you can be sure that this will accentuate your small waist, this goes out to all my curvy ladies who tell me they don’t have a waist. Everyone has a waist and it’s only through practice you get comfy wearing a belt with your maxi.

VIP Royalty Client Nimo rocking her own belt with her Malkia E Maxi.

You can also wear your own belt as shown above, with your African print maxi, you can pick any color on your dress and get different colors of belts to use to accentuate your waist and style up your dress.

if you don’t like belts, you can still look very attractive in a maxi dress without a belt. Confidence in who you are, is all you need. Remember, YOU ARE ROYALTY!

With high heels

( reference my photo above with the blazer. wearing some heels, though hidden)

This is one of the ways to make you look taller if you are short like me, Ha! ha! because your maxi dress will hide the heels. I am 5ft 3 and when people meet me without heels are shocked at how short I am, it’s the power of learning how to elongate oneself.

With a leather jacket

Want your outfit to be chic and sassy? Then say yes to this combination immediately! This is my go-to and foolproof way of dressing my maxi and dresses in general. I love my leather jackets and I have a couple, but I have one that is SOO old, but I love how it makes me feel and changes my overall look.

With Accessories/Headwrap/Hat & Other Adornment

There are no strict rules: the choice of accessories depends on your taste and the occasion you are dressing for. Accessories make any attire look gorgeous. At Malkia E we have plenty of accessories & adornment to choose from, from handmade leather bags, leather clutches that come in different sizes, hand forged necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Our Gorgeous VIP Royalty client Fyose in her Malkia E maxi with her Yellow purse.

I am also a great fun of a headwrap or hat with a maxi. If you follow me on IG or FB, you know I am always rocking one of the two. They add an extra oomph! to an already great dress.

Checkout our current selection of Maxis and Adornment Jewelry we currently have by clicking the highlighted links in the article or this link.

Let me know how you like to dress up your maxi in the comments below and if you plan on trying any one of my styling suggestions above. Until next month, keep shining.

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Very interesting read on the history of kimonos. I love it's versatility....can be rocked with anything!! Thank you for sharing!

Malkia. E
Malkia. E
Jun 28, 2022
Replying to

Thankyou for taking time to read.


Grace Hobbie
Grace Hobbie
Jun 12, 2022

Yes! I have the preetiest African print kimono from Malkiae that I have worn only once this summer and I ❤️ it! Now I have even more ideas how to wear it. Thank you! 🤗

Malkia. E
Malkia. E
Jun 28, 2022
Replying to

I am so glad! thank you for the support always and I cant wait to see other ways you get to rock it.😘

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