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Size Guide




Use the print out found here to determine the proper fit. Place a ring that fits you on the circles below. Make sure that the black circle is visible within the inner loop of your ring. That will be your ring size. To double-check, place your ring on the next larger size and you should not see the entire black circle. If you are between sizes you, we recommend sizing down to the nearest full size.





*Your bangle size is not based on your wrist size, it is based on your knuckle/hand size.*


  1. You can a measure with a string, or ribbon, then hold it up to a flat ruler.

  2. Make your hand slim as if slipping on a bangle.

  3. Wrap the paper ruler around the biggest part of your hand/thumb area, you want to measure the widest part of your hand, most likely around the knuckles – including the base area of your thumb.

  4. Read the ruler.

  5. Find your bangle from our selection.

  6. Still not sure? Contact us for help.



Our customer care team can help with any questions you have about finding your best fit. Reach out to us directly at

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