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We Adorn Royalty

Malkia.E was founded by Esther Nkaambi Hopper, a Kenyan native. She is the youngest girl of 5 siblings which means that she was constantly getting into their clothes and that’s where her fashion sense started from. Esther’s fashion has always paid homage to her heritage which included wearing colorful outfits adorned with brass, copper, and beaded jewelry. She always gets the question, how can I get what you are wearing? And that’s how MalkiaE was born.


Esther is passionate about colorful beads and creative works that are made by artisans from her beloved country, Kenya. MalkiaE was born out of the love of wanting to showcase and share with the world this heritage.


All pieces are handcrafted with love in Kenya by a curated group of artisans who specialize in bead, brass, African print designs and leather work.


Thank you for stopping by and we hope you find a beautiful gem and take a piece of Kenya with you on your life adventures, knowing you are royalty.

-Esther Nkaambi



What I love about this business is, the employment opportunities that we are providing to not only the team of artisans that I work with closely, but all other individuals who take part in producing our finished products.

By paying fair wages and prices on the handmade goods, we are able to ease the financial pressure on the artisans which not only covers their basic needs, it provides tuition for their kids in school.


Meet the Artisans

We are here to tell the artisans story. For every accessory or clothing item you purchase,

the hands of one of our artisans made it.  Our artisans are the backbone of this Brand.

Their hands bring the vision of the Malkia E brand to life.


On behalf of each one of them, thank you for shopping with our brand,

as your purchase supports these individuals. You are making an impact by

transforming lives thousands of miles away.

Asante Sana - Thank you very much.

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